Saturday, April 24, 2010

Telendos - Τέλενδος

This remarkably shaped little island is like lying in the arms of Kalymnos. Peaceful and quiet with amazing beaches that you can walk to. It's like a picture.

Kalymnos - Κάλυμνος

A colourful island, place for natural sponges and all kinds of sea creatures. It has a bit of everything, a few highly touristic places, a few more quiet spots, a beautiful town and port, even thermal springs. Nice base to explore the little islets. Can be visited all year round for climbing!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leros - Λέρος

A beautiful mid-sized island, with picturesque villages, a nice castle and windmills. Not too crowded, clear waters, variety of seafood. It has its own color and personality, and hopefully it'll keep it this way!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marathi (Marathos) - Μαράθι (Μάραθος)

Another hidden little treasure of northen dodecanese. The artist and the goat, the amazing beach, a couple of taverns and a few rooms to let. No ferry service, just the essentials.

Arki - Αρκοί (Αρκιοί)

A little fisherman's village in the biggest of the cluster of these small islands, a number of sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, very rare small ferry service. A nice place to relax!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lipsi - Λειψοί

A cluster of islets with only the bigger one inhabited, Lipsi or Lipsos has something. Only if I knew what it is. Well whatever it is, makes you enjoy your stay there, want to stay more and visit again.

Agathonisi - Αγαθονήσι

The northest of Dodecanese is a little surprise. A tiny port, two little villages, bays for sailing ships, a couple of beaches. Peace and quiet, perfect place to relax.

Dodecanese - Δωδεκάνησα

Much more than twelve (=dodeca), these islands occupy a large area of the Aegean sea. Some of them are green, some of them remind Cyclades, some of them are colorful, they are big and small. In other words, there is an island for every taste.

Agathonisi - Αγαθονήσι
Lipsi - Λειψοί
Arki - Αρκοί (Αρκιοί)
Marathi (Marathos) - Μαράθι (Μάραθος)
Leros - Λέρος
Kalymnos - Κάλυμνος
Telendos - Τέλενδος
Pserimos - Ψέριμος
Kos - Κως
Astypalaia - Αστυπάλαια
Nisyros - Νίσυρος
Tilos - Τήλος
Chalki (Halki) - Χάλκη
Symi - Σύμη
Rhodes (Rodos) - Ρόδος
Kasos - Κάσος
Armathia - Αρμάθια
Karpathos - Κάρπαθος
Saria - Σαρία
Kastelorizo (Megisti) - Καστελόριζο (Μεγίστη)
Ro (Rho) - Ρω

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amorgos - Αμοργός

Last but not least, lies in the middle of Aegean. It has something for everyone, the elegant Agiali, the noisy Katapola, the scenic Chora, plus a few uninhabitant little islands where you can go by boat for swimming. Well ok, let's not forget the deep blue.

Donousa - Δονούσα

Another little surprise, with unbelievable beaches and clear waters, peace and quiet and plenty of seafood. Roads are limited so be prepared for walking or move by boats. Getting there is not that easy though.

Iraklia - Ηρακλειά

Another little surprise! In Iraklia you'll find peace and quiet, by the magnificent beaches with the clear waters. The sunset is simply amazing ... I'll come back soon!

Koufonisi - Κουφονήσι

Actually there are two of them, the "upper" and the "lower", but only the upper one is inhabited, the other just hosts a tavern, and can be visited by tourists for swimming. The lower, as well as, the nearby also uninhabited but historic Keros, also host many goats, and are regularly visited by shepards and fisherman. Now to the point, the beaches are to die for, the village is small and pretty, and the seafood plenty and fresh.

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