Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cyclades - Κυκλάδες

A cluster of many small and a few bigger islands. The name refers to the islands that circle the sacred island of Delos. Their common? the sparkling white of the houses with the blue windows, the windy climate, the lack of water and the strong sun. Their differences? plenty, it really depends on the island.

Kea (Tzia) - Κέα (Τζια)
Kythnos - Κύθνος
Serifos - Σέριφος
Sifnos - Σίφνος
Milos - Μήλος
Kimolos - Κίμωλος
Poliegos - Πολύαιγος
Syros - Σύρος
Paros - Πάρος
Antiparos - Αντίπαρος
Sikinos - Σίκινος
Folegandros - Φολέγανδρος
Mykonos - Μύκονος
Thira (Santorini) - Θήρα (Σαντορίνη)
Thirasia - Θηρασιά
Andros - 'Ανδρος
Naxos - Νάξος
Koufonisi - Κουφονήσι
Iraklia - Ηρακλειά
Donousa - Δονούσα
Amorgos - Αμοργός

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