Monday, June 21, 2010

Kastelorizo (Megisti) - Καστελόριζο (Μεγίστη)

Kastelorizo, being so far east, does not normally fit in Greece's maps. The feeling of escaping "outside" of the map is exciting and overwhelming. The village is so scenic, the port forms an enormous sea pool with crystal clear waters, no cars can ruin the peace. There are great hikes around the village, the "red castle" offers a magnificent sunset view, and small boat trips to nearby islets and swimming sites. Last but by no means least, the amazing blue cave!


  1. Oh my... this island sounds like a very inviting place in which to spend vacations. :))

  2. I did spend 3,5 months there as a solder. The specific colour of the island with the red rocks (castello rosso = red rock) and the bombed phantom - houses since the 2nd WW, compose a scene from a movie.

    I recomend it only if you are a nature lover ♥


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